I would love to hear your partnership ideas to help add value to the lives of my female readers.

Here are some ways I can add value to our partnership:

Sponsored Resort and Destination Visits

Social Media Campaigns

Sponsored Posts

Brand Ambassadorship

Event Appearance and Live Social Sharing

Speaker Engagements

I write well crafted and engaging pieces on local excursions around the SF Bay Area as well as family trips. My site aims to have a no nonsense, authentic approach to life. If my readers, community, see me promoting a brand, a publication, or a place they will know it is because I believe in it 100%.

My kids are big parts of my social media posts, so anything I’m doing, they are usually involved. We are happy as a family to embrace products and places that cater to active, busy families like ours.

I am an active mother working to get off the pre baby weight, both from my infant, and my 5 year old! My fitness posts are relatable to fellow mothers on this journey (and some dads, too!). Fitness gear or products and nutrition are crucial to busy parents, so I would be happy to use and promote the brands that work best for me and my readers.  Some of my most popular social media posts have been strong, female, body positive posts.


My most popular posts have been ones that related to family activities, both locally and away. We are a spontaneous, adventurous family, and I am a creative storyteller. As such, any trips we take always end up a little crazy and a lot of fun. We are always happy to explore new areas, shops, restaurants, and local spots.

I am also by nature a personal interest storyteller. I have a keen sense for the seeds of a good story, and I can craft anyone’s experience or life into a well developed tale. I have begun a series of non fiction personal interest pieces on people I know, and I am branching out to people who want their story told, but don’t feel like they have the words to do it. If this is you: I’m your writer.

Content Writing and Copywriting

When I’m not working on my own site, I provide content for others through ghostwriting, guest posts, and copywriting for B2B sales and marketing. My copywriting area of expertise as a storyteller, as you can probably guess, is case studies.

Let’s Talk

For more information on any of the above, including current rates, please contact me at shanna@femmeunfiltered.com